Interview Skills Sessions

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Are you nervous to face interviewers? Don’t to provide job interview skills sessions through a mock-interview software known as Interview School to all candidates at the activity area. This will be live sessions to prepare you on real questions from real interviews

Interview Skill sessions

Interview School is mock-interview software that provides you with up-to-date interview questions and AI-assisted feedback.

Practice makes perfect and you only get one chance to make the right impression.

Don’t waste your time preparing for questions you’ll never be asked. Interview School preps you on ‘real questions’ from ‘real interviews’.

Attendees will be able to sign-up during the event.

Interview Skills Sessions by

About JobsForNationals:

Launched in 2016, JobsForNationals was developed to fill the talent gap between Employers and UAE National Talent across all seven Emirates.

Organizations use our platform to attract and hire UAE National Talent, across all seven Emirates, by providing an authentic look at their company culture, workplace and values through the stories of their employees.

As the official Careers UAE 2020 Emiratisation Partner, we have an exclusive offer for exhibitors to sign-up.

About JobsForNationals Academy:

As part of our mission, to facilitate job search and career growth, we have launched the JobsForNationals Academy in 2019, to support UAE National Talent with their continuous and professional development through hand-picked online and offline courses.

The Certified Young Business Professional, CYBP™, curriculum is the global standard for introducing pre graduate & post graduate students to the world of business. The CYBP™ curriculum was developed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) in an effort to provide a global standard for introducing University students to the essential knowledge and skills required to be a young business professional, regardless of the industry. It therefore teaches a non-industry specific approach to the essential skills required in business.